The Importance of a Smile!

Me And My Belle


Several years ago I was in a restaurant with my mum. While I paid the bill, we both noticed an elderly woman waiting to be seated. As we left the restaurant, Mum asked, “Did you notice that woman with the wonderful smile?” I most certainly did. Her smile lit up the room. It was a smile to die for_one that would certainly win instant friends. It was a smile that you don’t often see in a stranger. And maybe Mum and I smiled back, I don’t remember. Mum later commented, “I wish I’d told her what a terrific smile she had.” But neither of us had. We’d both received a gift without saying thank-you. Later, on my drive home, I stopped at a  restaurant for a quick bite. A 70 ish woman waited by the condiment bar while her husband ordered. She glanced my way…

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