My name is Zoë, mum to my 14 year old daughter Isabelle & 11 year old son Max. I’ve been blogging a couple of years now and so I thought I’d just put together a few facts about myself for my lovely followers. 

  1. My favourite flower is a daffodil IMG_7001
  2. I love cocktails, Pink G&T & champagne
  3. My favourite films are Ben Hurr & Dirty Dancing
  4. My guilty pleasure is watching Corrie, Emmerdale & The Real housewives of      Cheshire
  5. I hate Curries
  6. I love Steak
  7. I have been a dancer since the age of 2
  8. I’ve travelled the world extensively as a professional dancer
  9. My children are my world
  10. I met my husband Tony on a catamaran in Barbados
  11. We nearly lost both Max & myself when he was born during an emergency csection
  12. I love glamour, glitter and dressing up
  13. I drink coffee every day
  14. I love all my pupils, my job often entails me being a councillor as well as teacher!
  15. I have a huge phobia of Frogs
  16. I’m a very loyal friend to my true friends
  17. I love to look at the Ocean, it reminds me of my happy days on Cruise ShipsIMG_8179
  18. My brother James is 8 1/2 years younger than me
  19. I’ve danced on The Royal Variety Performance 1992
  20. I’ve met Prince Charles & Princess Diana
  21. I’ve been in Emmerdale, A Touch of Frost & Hollyoaks
  22. I have a candle obsession
  23. I love spending time with my fab parents
  24. My favourite places are New York & Bermuda
  25. My favourite colour is Coral
  26. I love dancing & Theatre
  27. An ideal day would be a day at the spa followed by cocktails IMG_8261
  28. I’ve watched every episode of Friends & Sex & the City many many times
  29. Cuddles with my babies are what makes me the happiest
  30. I love Spring & Easter time – new beginnings
  31. My favourite musicals are Top Hat, Les Miserables & West Side Story
  32. I don’t smoke, never have, never will
  33. My first crush was Patrick Swayze
  34. I love to cook, I just wish I had more time to do it more
  35. I have seen a total eclipse
  36. One of my most special memories is taking the children to Lapland & we saw The Northern Lights
  37. I love Phillip Schofield
  38. I had a very happy idyllic childhood
  39. I love spa daysIMG_4049
  40. My first job was in a dance wear shop
  41. I started dancing when I was 2
  42. I passed my driving test when I was 28 as I’d been travelling abroad dancing from being 17-28
  43. I have slight OCD & I’m a bit of a control freak
  44. I love eating out at gorgeous restaurants
  45. I’m a huge Disney fan
  46. I’m very impatient except when I’m teaching where I have lots of patience
  47. I was at the top of one of the twin towers exactly a year to the day before 9/11
  48. I got engaged in New York
  49.  I love Abba
  50. I love Champagne but Prosecco will also do!
  51. We got our first dog a year ago & I can’t imagine our family without her now! She’s called Dora after my Great Grandma & she’s Adorable Doraimg_6202
  52. I love trying new beauty products & makeup, my favourites being Elemis, Neom & Estée Lauder
  53. I’ve discovered a passion for writing over the past couple of years
  54. I’m a very good listener
  55. I love to work but I really love being a wife, mum & home maker
  56. Travelling has always been a huge passion of mine
  57. My perfumes of choice are Allure by Chanel, Amarige by Givency, Glam Jasmine by Michael Kors plus I always have a bottle of Samsara by Guerlein as its a perfume I’ve worn forever. I’m a bit of a perfume junkie though & love trying new ones too.
  58. I’m a HUGE fan of ‘Friends’ & ‘Only fools and horses’
  59. My friend & I missed the ship in New York once and the coast guard had to take us to it and we climbed up the back to get on. We got in lots of trouble!!!
  60. I’ve performed onstage with Craig Revel Horwood, Michael Ball, Barry Manilow, David Essex, Michael Crawford to name a few
  61. I danced on a TV show in Belgium in my late teens
  62. I’ve lived in London & in Germany
  63. Podcasts are my new favourite discovery whilst I’m driving
  64. I left home at 16 to train at Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom Surrey for 3 years
  65. I swear by writing lists
  66. Our family’s ‘happy place’ is Center Parcs and we’ve been going every year since Isabelle was born
  67. At 16 I was The Yorkshire Senior Tap Champion & The Yorkshire Senior Ballet Champion
  68. I played the title role of ‘Annie’ when I was 11
  69. My favourite song is ‘Bring him home’ from Les Miserables. I cry every time I hear it & it’s a song my dad also sings
  70. Tony & I went to Thailand & Singapore on our honeymoon
  71. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 43
  72. My travel ‘wish list’ places are The Maldives, Hawaii, The Grand Canyon, Go On Safari in Africa & Japan plus many more
  73. My star sign is Scorpio. Fiery but loyal & passionate!
  74. Bad manners, rudeness and arrogance are my biggest bug bears
  75. I’m very close to my fabulous parents IMG_9405
  76.  I love Wimbledon & I’ve been lucky enough to go twice including last year on Court One
  77. I hope to write the idea I have for my book this year
  78. My other perfect day would be a day at home with no real plans, just pottering about with Tony, Isabelle, Max & Dora
  79. I’ve been hurt by friends so I’ve become quite wary who I can trust over the years but I’m a very loyal friend to my ‘real’ friends
  80. I try my utmost to never let people down & always be on time for everything. I often arrive everywhere extremely early so I’m not stressing
  81. I enjoy going to the Cinema a lot
  82. Tony & I got upgraded to 1st class on our flight to Thailand as it was our honeymoon. What an amazing experience!
  83. I adore long hot bubble baths with a lush bath bomb, Neom bath products, my candles lit, a glass of wine & watching something on my iPad
  84. I enjoy Pilates classes
  85. I wear contact lenses
  86. I love our Royal Family
  87. I love to entertain at our home & have dinner parties
  88. I’ve flown in a helicopter over Central Park & around the Statue of Liberty in New York
  89. I’ve visited the White House (not inside though!!!! 😂)
  90. I set up The Angel Tree 8 years ago with Isabelle & Max which assists The Salvation Army providing for underprivileged children & I’m very proud of itFeatured Image -- 399
  91. I love to visit London a few times a year. I enjoy the buzz of the big city but I couldn’t live there again
  92. I’ve drunk champagne & cocktails at The Plaza Hotel in New York
  93. I’ve ridden a camel at the pyramids in Egypt
  94. I’ve been swimming in The Dead Sea
  95. Sailing through the Norwegan Fjords & visiting Iceland were two really special experiences
  96. I adore organising events such as birthday parties & Christmas soirées and would have liked to have been an Event Organiser
  97. I enjoy a glass or two of rose wine at home
  98. I saw in The Millennium on a beach in Aruba
  99. I try to keep a positive mental attitude as much as I can. The happiness of my family is the most important thing in the world to me
  100. Starting my blog has been amazing. I’m loving writing and getting to know people in the blogging community



3 thoughts on “THE ‘ME’ IN ‘ME AND MY BELLE’

  1. 1. My horoscope is a Capricorn
    2. My favorite color is pink
    3. I love musical theatre
    4. My favorite musical, well musicals, is Les Mis and Wicked
    5. I am obsessed with Les Mis
    6. I am the youngest in my sibling
    7. I am a mountain person
    8. I collect snow globes
    9. I do love Disney
    10. I love to read
    11. I have traveled abroad to Costa Rica, England (which includes part of a day to Wales), and France (even though I barely remember it)
    12. I love to volunteer

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