As a die hard ‘Friends’ fan since the very beginning, about a year ago I got Isabelle watching it too and she now loves it as much as I do. 


We saw Friends Fest advertised last year but were unfortunately too late booking tickets. So this year, as soon as they went on sale I booked tickets for Isabelle & myself to go to Manchester Friends Fest.

On booking tickets you pre book a time slot for the apartment tour. We booked that first and spent approx half an hour experiencing Monica’s, Chandler & Joey’s and Ross’s apartments and of course the famous corridor.

It was fantastic to sit on the sofas and have photographs in front of Monica’s peep hole & the big ceramic dog etc. They are apparently the sets that were actually used in the series and Friends Fest tours around the country during the summer. It felt very real,and we really did feel like we were in the 6 friends apartments. 

After the tour we were free to wander around the outdoor site, experiencing a replica of Central Perk (obligatory photograph on the sofa with the oversize coffee cups), recreate the opening credits scene and the ‘Pivot’ scene with the sofa!!! There was lots of photo opportunities including inside a giant yellow peephole holding friends quotes and you could dress up in the wedding dresses and Monica’s prom dress (something I gave a miss!) 

The sight has plenty of food & drink stands including Joey’s pizzas, Phoebe’s vegetarian Buffay, and a cocktail bar selling ‘Friends’ inspired cocktails. You can sit and watch scenes from the show whilst you eat. 

If it had been raining it would definitely spoil this event as a lot of it was outside but we were very lucky with glorious sunshine and had a fantastic day. 

The apartment tour lasts about half an hour but you can stay in the rest of the site as long as you want. Overall 2-2 1/2 hours is plenty of time to get the whole experience.

Tickets cost £32.00 which for true ‘Friends’ fans is well worth it. Look out for the very first Friends Festive coming this Winter also for true Friends fans! 


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