50 Quick Beauty Tips & Tricks


  1. Pillowcases in silk or satin are best for your skin and are less likely to cause wrinkles in the long term. These are also better for hair and helps avoid frizziness
  1. A dab of light eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes brightens them, even when you’re feeling exhausted
  1. Put your finger in your mouth and pull out when you’ve just applied lipstick to avoid any excess getting on your teeth
  1. Apply your foundation on your lips too so your lipstick has better staying power
  1. Apply one layer of lipstick, dab some pressed powder on top then apply another layer for longer lasting lipstickIMG_5211
  1. Keep a stock of cotton buds to correct any makeup mistakes
  1. A good dry shampoo is great for giving limp hair a boost in between washes
  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream has multi uses including lip balm, a cuticle balm, a face highlighter & reducing…

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